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Screen Printing

What is it? The process of screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screening, involves moving ink through a fie mesh screen. The screen is masked in areas where no ink is desired. The item is then sent on a conveyor belt through a heat tunnel to dry or cure the ink. Properly cured screen printed inks will last on a garment or other item through many washes and heavy wear.

Ideal For:

  • • T-shirts
  • • Bags
  • • Sports apparel
  • • Almost anything


Screen Print Benefis

  • • Almost any design can be achieved with screen print
  • • Techniques and inks are being improved every year
  • • Can be combined with other decoration methods for a more retail effect


Screen Print Considerations

  • • Ideal for large qanities, but can be exensive for small runs
  • • The more colors included in your design, the more the overall cost per item


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